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Vertical Cracks

Typically a vertical crack in a foundation is non-structural in nature and our foundation crack injection is the best repair. In Victoria and British Columbia most often, a vertical crack is the result of stress on the foundation either from concrete shrinkage and/or foundation movement. 

Even after repair, the foundation will continue to move, using the crack for stress relief. The benefit of Elite-Series Epoxy Resin is that it has the ability to stay flexible, moving with the crack, while maintaining a seal. This ensures the crack will remain leak-proof. Elite-Series Epoxy Resin is injected from the inside, providing a superior repair without the cost or mess associated with digging from the outside. Our injections can be performed on actively leaking cracks or as a preventative measure prior to finishing a basement.

Horizontal Cracks

A horizontal crack is more significant as it can be structural in nature and require a structural repair. In the past, horizontal cracks were simply injected with epoxy to help return structural stability to the wall. Time has shown however that sometimes epoxy injections are not enough to withstand the pressure of our rocky structures in Victoria and British Columbia. At Canadian Foundation Repair we offer a range of engineered solutions that return the strength and stability to your foundation. These include carbon Fiber and kevlar staples to ensure the wall will not move again period.  

Weeping Tile Systems

We offer a wide range of exterior solutions both complete weeping tile systems, installation and repair/replace. 

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